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Adams Story

Adam had a lot going for him at the start of his coaching journey. Adam loved to exercise and cook for his family, he had lots of time on his hands with New Zealand in lockdown and I found out later that he is one of the most self-aware and introspective people I've ever worked with. Now that Adam is 10% lighter, it's clear that all of this was a recipe for success.

Adam had tried online coaching before with great results. Like so many others, he found himself slipping back into old habits after a few years and gaining the weight back that he'd lost. This gave Adam the experience to know the importance of accountability and a long term approach to maintaining results. He was the perfect candidate for habit-based coaching.

Adam is a big Rugby League fan who brews his own Beer, so I was surprised to see how quickly he took to some of the more "airy-fairy" habits that I teach. Adam became an expert at listening to his bodies feelings of hunger and fullness and could tell the difference between actual hunger and cravings brought on by stress or boredom. Whether he was eating balanced meals or having a few beers, Adam kept up this mindfulness throughout the whole 16 weeks. He would probably agree that it was a key to his success.

4 weeks in and Adam was down 4.5kg, he'd cut out weekday drinking and he was eating slowly and mindfully at 80% of all meals. I'd given him a portion guide that he was sticking to at 80% of his meals, the other 20% were Adams chance to "treat himself" on the weekends. This was Adams idea and I think it was a genius way to make his journey enjoyable and therefore sustainable for life. The next four weeks were spent getting his vegetable intake up and doing a "mind-body scan" to decipher between his cravings and actual hunger. Despite falling asleep during his first scan, he nailed this habit.

Adam was making my job too easy, so we started off the second half of his coaching with a 21-day challenge. We combined 4 habits of Adams choice and tested his consistency over 21 days. Not surprisingly Adam smashed it.

At the end of this, he was down 10kg and was feeling fitter and stronger in his training sessions. People at the gym were noticing his new slimmer look. This quote from his weekly report made me realise the huge positive impact of his progress: "My wife and I were watching a travel show.. she commented how happy she was that I would be able to handle travelling to some of the more remote places now I am getting leaner and fitter. I didn't know but she was really upset with how big I was because it was going to make us travelling together a lot harder... Made me feel so good how proud my wife is of how I am living a healthier lifestyle."

When Adam started work again, planning and meal prep became the priority. With his love for cooking Adam quickly turned this into a weekly ritual. He even got the wife and kids involved to make it a family event. Since Adam was doing so well with the fundamentals, we finished off the 16 weeks by trying some advanced strategies. This helped Adam drop another kilo in his final week bringing his total weight loss to 12.3kgs. Adam is now doing all of the habits at over 80% consistency and plans to keep it that way for life. I have no doubt that he will.

Adam had this to say:

"What an amazing experience coaching with Greg has been. Being guided through a process to learn how to improve your overall health & wellbeing has been a life-changer for me. My physical well being is so much better than when I started it really is amazing what can be achieved in 16 weeks. Thanks, Coach!"

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