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Angela's Story

Angela started Coaching with Greg right in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown (the first one). Angela had tried many different weight loss plans with varying results, she was a big fan of strength training at the gym but unfortunately, that wasn't a possibility with the Level 4 restrictions in place. She came to me wanting the accountability to build consistent healthy eating habits because Angela had a secret... She was trying for a baby!

Angela had a lot going for her, a supportive husband, a great understanding of nutrition and a love for exercise. She'd seen results from diet and exercise in the past but had a habit of letting her standards slip when she started to see changes. She wanted accountability and routine to get her in the best health for the exciting turn her life was about to take.

With the use of the "Healthy Habits Questionnaire, we established that Angela was great at getting lots of protein and whole-food into her diet. She needed a bit more structure with her portion sizes as well as some strategies to stop eating when she was full enough. Angela also had a habit of using food to cope with stress, this is super common but should be addressed for long term health and weight management.

The first 4 weeks were all about slowing down at meals and eating without her cell phone in hand, both of which are key to hearing the bodies signals of fullness. The next few weeks were all about portion control, it was Angela's idea to take photos of everything she was eating to see exactly what her portions looked like. This was super helpful for portion control and in looking for gaps in Angela's nutrition, despite what she thought, there was something missing from most meals... Vegetables! We had our next habit.

After 8 weeks Angela reported being 3x more consistent with her portion control and she was eating vegetables, slowly and mindfully at 80% of her meals! Winter weather, alert levels changing and a move to a different suburb meant Angela wasn't exercising as much as she used to. We gave Angela a small daily movement habit to do and she kicked ass. Next was a change to Angela's sleep routine and she finished off week 12 with 80% adherence to her new exercise and sleep habits.

With 4 weeks left it was time to life-test Angela's new habits. We set a 21-day challenge to see if she could do multiple habits consistently. Angela realised that if she nailed her morning routine, the rest of the habits happened automatically. The challenge was a great success. With 2 weeks left Angela got the news, she was pregnant! We switched the focus to listening to her body and testing out strategies to battle her morning sickness to finish her coaching journey.

I'm super proud of Angela for sticking with her coaching through all of the twists and turns that life threw at her. By the end of 16 weeks, she was doing all of the healthy habits with 70-90% consistency! If she can improve her healthy habits through a global pandemic, moving house and the first trimester of pregnancy, I have faith that my future clients can too. She had this to say:

"Excellent coach with well thought through, individualised plans which help make habits that end up being hard to break! Sets a really good foundation for the future."

Client's name changed for privacy.

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