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Leanne's Story

Updated: Aug 20

Being the loudest and rowdiest member of my boxing class, I knew that Leanne would be a joy to work with. What I didn't know about Leanne was how intelligent, self-aware and hardworking she was. Her openness during our weekly coaching chats helped me sharpen my skills as a coach, but this article is not about me. This is a celebration of how far Leanne has come over the past 16 weeks. Confused, frustrated and fed up in Week 1, Leanne has undergone a massive mental transformation in how she approaches her health and fitness. "What have you tried in the past to improve your habits/health/eating?", one of the first questions I will ask my coaching clients. Leanne's answer: "Everything".

Keto, Fasting and handfuls of supplements had worked for Leanne in the short term, but the results from all of her hard work and discipline had not stuck around. Her multiple attempts at sticking to restrictive and unsustainable diets had convinced her that she "lacked commitment". I found later that this couldn't be further from the truth. In our first 2 weeks of coaching, Leanne often mentioned that she couldn't decide if she should skip breakfast or eat breakfast, cut carbs or eat carbs or what supplements she should buy to kick start her weight loss. Like so many riders of the diet rollercoaster, she was suffering from paralysis by analysis. After a good look at Leanne's current habits, we were able to focus on what exactly to tackle first. Leanne was an awesome cook so we used that superpower to get her planning and prepping meals. This worked great, except on days when her sons ate the food she had prepped. With a solid food prepping routine it was an easy transition to the next habit, adding more vegetables to Leanne's day. The topic of alcohol consumption came up around this time, Leanne expressed that she wasn't quite ready to cut back in this area, because it was a way to relieve stress, so we put a pin in it and moved on. 6 weeks in and Leanne was hassling me for more and more podcasts about the psychology of eating. She reported a huge shift in her mindset around food, the haze of confusing diet rules had lifted and she was focused on how moving and eating well was making her feel. She noticed that morning exercise just made her day run better and she felt lost without it. This is the kind of realisation that you love to hear as a coach. When you hear this stuff you know that exercise has become more than a habit, it's become a lifestyle! I was receiving daily pictures of Leanne's colourful and delicious looking food and after some tweaks to her portion sizes, she was ready for the next step. One of Leanne's biggest struggles was poor sleep due to waking up constantly. With a busy work life, family life, social life and consistent 6 AM gym routine, she needed to get proper rest to "live her best life". Weeks 11 and 12 were spent perfecting Leanne's sleep routine, which eventually led to less waking and new and improved energy throughout the day.

During the last few weeks, we cranked up Leanne's protein portions and continued to fine-tune other habits. During a chat, she talked about being surrounded by friends doing “dry July”, an alcohol-free month. While her friends were turning their knuckles white trying not to drink, Leanne had cut back her evening wines without too much effort, and by the end of coaching, she had replaced the wine with a lower calorie option. What used to be a necessary coping mechanism for stress, became an optional accompaniment to a good night out. Leanne's graduation from the 16 weeks of coaching coincided with a trip to Wellington. When she got back she told me that some pants that she had packed for the trip were now fitting better than ever! Leanne no longer frets over when to eat or what supplements to take. She sleeps better, prepares nutritious meals for herself and can cope with stress without eating or drinking. Leanne had this to say: “I initially signed up with Greg because I was totally fed up with what I should eat, when & what I should give up. He told me he’d never tell me not to eat ice cream or not to have a glass of wine. That was a relief instead the programme taught me better choices prep and portion control. So now I make yummy veggie soups feel full. I was also in a lot of pain that’s now gone. I recommend Greg & PN to all my friends... Thanks, Greg and PN xxx"

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