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Stephanie's Story

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Part of Stephanies job was encouraging her staff to take care of their well being to avoid burnout. As a mother of small children juggling a career and a global pandemic, Stephanie's own health and well being had slid down her priority list. Like many selfless supermums before her, it would've been easy for Stephanie to look for a quick fix to improve her body and health. Having been there and done that she knew the importance of changing her habits and was ready for a more long-lasting approach.

In the past Stephanie had success with strategies like mindful eating, having more whole foods and having lots of protein. She loved cooking and walking and she knew that with a bit of accountability she could get back on track. During our first phone call, Stephanie realised that she "knew what to do" but didn't feel like she had the time so needed help with planning and prioritising. This is super common, everyone knows that exercise is good for you, but that knowledge alone doesn't make it happen. Our first week was spent scheduling meal times, meal prep and grocery shopping.

Next up we focused on swapping some of the processed food Stephanie was eating for whole foods. It was here that I learnt Stephanies dark secret... She was a perfectionist! Even though Stephanie was succeeding in swapping her regular snacks for fruit, she was focusing on everything that she wasn't doing, and thinking about how she had failed at those things. Luckily Stephanie is so self-aware that she picked up on this and managed to focus on one thing at a time. It was this same self-awareness that helped her realise that stress, dehydration and a lack of balanced meals would lead to cravings. This gave us a lot to work on over the next few weeks.

8 weeks in and Stephanie had found the energy to rediscover her love for running. She started using the "Couch to 5k" app and has been improving her fitness and daily steps ever since. Stephanie was eating protein and vegetables at 80% of her meals and reported feeling more capable of managing stress and emotions without the use of food.

By the end of Week 12, she was going to bed earlier, eating breakfast consistently (she didn't used to have the time) and drinking more water. Stephanie reported that she was eating when she was hungry and not because of stress or fatigue. My favourite part of her monthly report was this quote: "I will prioritise myself. I am important." This was a massive shift in mindset from week 1 and a really powerful attitude to have when it comes to improving your health and body.

We finished the 16 weeks with a 21 Day challenge that combined Stephanies new eating and exercise habits. Despite getting a cold, dealing with crummy weather and shifting back into Level 3 lockdown, Stephanie finished strong. She lost 9.5cm from around her tummy and a total of 11.5 cm from her arms, legs and hips.

Her final monthly report showed the biggest increase in habit consistency that I've seen to date. So what does that mean? Well you know those things that you know you should be doing to get healthy and change your body? Stephanie now does those things as part of her lifestyle 86% of the time. Stephanie looks forward to exercising every day because of the impact it has on her mood and energy. She has the habits and tools to be at her best for her family for life.

Stephanie had this to say:

"I highly recommend Greg's coaching programme to anyone, whether you're starting from scratch or needing to recalibrate. The delivery of the programme is so accessible and gave me all the tools I need to keep myself on track during the week. The coaching calls are one of the most powerful tools. Greg is a fantastic coach who is able to get results by asking the right questions and making insightful suggestions. The length of 16 weeks is optimal and I love that the programme is designed to be delivered remotely. I feel so much better both mentally and physically and I am confident that I can continue to be consistent with everything I've learned and implemented throughout the programme. "

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